Monday, February 16, 2009

Italy-The Diversity of Culture

Italy is certainly one of the European countries with the most impressive history of culture and the arts. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Verdi, Raphael, Vivaldi.... the famous artists whose works have many fans around the world.

Portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci

This is just another evidence that the creation of culturally diverse and universal at the same time. Greek Acropolis shows us quite another world and another time as an example Mona Lisa famous image, but both creation enthusiastic crowds around the world. Both are unique possibility of seeing the human mind and spirit.
The European Union seeks to maintain such "monuments" of human creativity, even though in its essence tends to the integration, unification. Recognizes that culture is the most important for the existence and identity of nations, grouped under its auspices. Therefore, efforts to preserve and promote cultural diversity, not only for art, but also for the conservation of the languages and traditions of individual nations.
Many of the activities of the Union in the field of culture are collected in the Culture 2007, which co-finances projects with various international cultural and artistic fields (music, theatrical and visual arts, literature, literary translations, and cultural heritage). It is aimed at strengthening cooperation between European culture and artists, and more specifically between the members of this program.

Da Vinci-Vitruvian Man

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