Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Italy, the Biggest Trap for Tourists?

"Bella Italia" is the country that visits every year tens of millions of tourists. Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany, Milan, Capri and Sicily - that is only some of the most popular tourist destinations, which practically all year foreign tourists and traveler’s visits. Them does, however, tricky hosts who want to quickly get in a lot of money - and other travel agencies are disappearing overnight, restaurants with double tariffs (one for the locals, the other for foreigners), false catalogs, "villas" that are actually studio, aircraft that never fly, summer resorts apartments , which are "sold out", but in reality has not yet been built ... About astronomical high coffee prices in the market of Saint Mark in Venice singing already all Venetian pigeons, but this is only a drop of the sea of tricks, how to beat naive foreigners, as it is even worse elsewhere. And each year in Italy accumulated more than 20,000 lawsuits of disappointed travelers which holiday in Italy goes to hell!


“Fishing” for Euros of tourists begins at airports. In Rome are again found an association of taxi drivers (it has been 40), which driving from the airport to the center of the city claimed 130 euros. In Venice is a similar story to “vaporettos”, water buses, which incidentally tourists paid several times more than the applicable price. Venice is obviously the biggest trap for tourists in Italy - a German couple has opted for an action, whereas the dinner to pay five hundred euros! Houses (and indeed many people dream of holidays in Tuscany hills), which can be rented through the Internet, without a bad conscience deliveries to several customers, and happened to be already, that the four families at the same time be confronted with a house. It is often not carried away no better for the Italians - in Milan is about a one hundred people have paid five hundred euros for the flight ticket to the Philippines. And left even without a ticket, because the travel agency which sold the ticket, from today - tomorrow close the door, the unidentified owners are gone, the door is disappointed awaits only the word "Closed!"

Italy Ski destinations

Eyes on stalks rather everywhere!
Similar things happen naturally throughout the world, most are fraudulent skills improve in the countries where tourists come up to and where the standard of living is much lower than in developed countries. These skills are write-down in a tourist guide, but fraudsters are always a step ahead and always find new ways to get to the money of tourists and ruined them vacation. Therefore, eyes on stalks!

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